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  • ENGAGE - It’s time to live your life with more joy, energy and confidence. You will gain clarity and have more time to focus on the things that really matter to you.
  • SHIFT - Free yourself of old unsupportive beliefs, behaviours and limiting thought patterns so you can move forward with greater energy and confidence. A simple shift in perception and a Bold Next Step can take your life in a whole new inspiring direction.
  • ENVISION - Build a picture of what it really is your heart and soul desires. Feel inspired and passionate about what you do. Reclaim your confidence and deep authenticity.
  • INSPIRE - Eliminate fear or self doubt so it no longer holds you back. Confidently step back into your own uniqueness and live a life being the highest version of yourself and start owning your power TODAY.
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Transformational Coach
I’m Joanna Kane, transformational coach, and co author of The Suited Hippy And The Stress Junkie.

Over the years I’ve been successfully helping 100’s of women to take their Bold Next Step, into lives filled with more confidence, joy and inspiration. And Now, I want to share with you how you can take Your Bold Next Step in your own life.  
It’s a step into transformation, where you can unlock your true passions and break free from limiting beliefs so that you can start living with more energy, more confidence and more joy.

I am passionate about working with women who are ready to embrace a whole new type of success. I sometimes call it ‘soulful’ success because it’s aligned to who you are on the inside, to who you are at your inner core. Once you reconnect with this part of you, life starts to open up for you in a whole new way. You will feel happier, more deeply satisfied and more empowered than you’ve ever been before and this will not only benefit you massively but can have a strong ripple effect on everything and everyone around you.  
So, If You Want To Learn How To Take Your Bold Next Step - Simply Enter Your Email Below To Get Your Free Guide:
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