Where Are You Headed ?

 It is difficult to follow a path when you are uncertain. It’s also difficult to follow someone who has no direction.

When you are unsure of how you feel, what you want or what you actually believe then your focus, energy and life becomes fragmented. It takes you more time and effort  to achieve anything and it can sap the joy out of life. Having clarity on where you are now, what you want, having confidence in who you are and what’s important to you and having the courage to take action will free you from the shackles of your past and set you on the path to a life of more joy, energy and inspiration.

If you, like most of my clients, are a successful business woman, working your way up the corporate ladder or running your own business. You are probably also juggling family, work, personal life and feeling the responsibility and weight of these commitments.

I’m guessing you may not have enough breathing space or time in your life to stop and have a good look at what’s working, what’s not working and what needs to be changed. Well I see this a lot – It’s a common problem especially with working women.

If you spend all your time dealing with the day to day issues and you don’t have enough time left over to spend thinking about the things that really make a difference to your own life, you can end up running in fight or flight mode and over time become depleted.

Where is the joy and passion in that?  We all deserve more than that!

Living In The Zone

When you know where you are, where you are heading, who you are and who you want to be,  you become unstoppable. People and resources align with you and magic starts to happen. I call it ‘living in the zone’. There’s no hiding in this place. If you see something that isn’t working you make changes.The work starts on the inside, with your beliefs and mindsets… It’s the stuff you have been told or learned from an early age that often takes root at a deeper level and can limit what you think is possible or even what you believe you deserve.

Shining the light on these beliefs enables you to lighten the load and open up new paths and possibilities.

Knowing what’s really important to you, what your real priorities are can help you take charge of your life and get back in the driving seat. It can be liberating to say NO to all the things that haven’t served you.

 If you know what you really want it’s much easier to communicate it and the universe really can respond to those crystal clear signals.

 When you know who you are, know and  honour your strengths and values..and you’re clear about the difference you want to make.you have a deeper level of confidence that can make you unstoppable. I’m not talking here about apparent or misplaced over-confidence,  where you think you’re better than others, I’m talking deep down confidence. The sort of confidence that gives you conviction. It’s magnetic…With it you attract the people and resources that are needed to make your vision a reality.

 When you have the deep confidence that comes with knowing who you are and what you want to create you can say no to things that don’t move you closer to where you’re going. You can ask for the things that you want and that will help you on your way.

 You will find it easy to INSPIRE and ENGAGE others to join you and become a role model for other women to do the same.

 Your confidence will enable you to take charge of your own life again. You will  feel energised, purposeful and in the flow. You will spend less time second guessing yourself and no longer waste your energy on comparing yourself to others.

Having courage is often figuratively expressed as “having heart” (“Braveheart”),overcoming fear. Whenever we move out of our comfort zone we can feel fear. It’s the time when the little voice I call the inner critic comes out and whispers words of doubt.

Your heart is a powerful thing and when you choose not to heed the little voice, feel the fear and take that step into greater possibility your heart gets stronger and your life gets richer.

Your Bold Next Step

By taking a Bold Next Step  you start to build the emotional and mental muscles to take another then another and soon you will be living the life that your heart desires.

Through exercising courage and stepping into your stretch zone you will be able to face your fears, shine the light of awareness on beliefs that are holding you back and transform the areas of your life that don’t serve you any more.


You feel liberated. You start to see that the things that you were worried about or afraid of were mostly in your imagination.


You develop a growth mindset that welcomes challenges and things that stretch you as opportunities to learn and develop.