Laser focus: that ability to hone in on one thing so intently it is to the exclusion of everything else. It conjures up ideas of a mental super power – cutting through problems with precision and ease.
….or maybe it’s just boring a hole in your thinking?

I’d like you to take a moment to consider what happens when you are too narrowly focused on a problem. Have you ever noticed how it can have you going around in circles – winding yourself up in the process
I know that, for me, when that happens I feel my energy is depleted, and I end up feeling more frustrated and angry. I become tight and restricted; I’m less resourceful, less in touch with my intuition, less able to find the inner calm and clear thinking that I need. In short, I’m stuck – blocked.

When that happens one of the things that can start to shift the blockage is to take a step back from the problem and focus on what you want. It sounds so obvious, but when you’re mired by a problem, penned in by that laser focus, you can lose sight of what it was you were aiming for in the first place. So, ask instead: ‘want do I want?’, ‘What is my ideal vision, my desired outcome?’, ‘What does that look like?’, ‘What would be different?’

The power of visualisation
You might like to tap into the power of visualisation. If you speak to anyone in the field of peak performance they will tell you just how powerful a tool it is, when you start to visualise what you want, what that looks like – what you would look like.
You might be unhappy about the way you look, your weight for example, but the more you become fixated on it, the more down you feel about yourself, the more you give yourself a hard time. Before you know where you are, not only not happy about your weight – you’re unhappy on inside regardless.

Instead, start to think about what you want and shape that vision. What benefits would it bring? What would it feel like? Try to imagine the feeling almost as though it has already happened, because when you start to harness that feeling, then you harness the power to change how you think. From that different state – that altered state of neuro patterning – you may find you start to make different decisions, and that your habits and behaviours start to shift as well, all of it moving you in the direction of what you want.

So next time you find yourself focussed on a problem, catch yourself in that moment and make a difference choice. Perhaps visualisation rather than laser focus is a better choice of ‘superpower’ to get you where you want to be?

Visualisation is a big part of the Envision element of the Your Bold Next Step Programme.

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