We all live busy lives and sometimes that’s the problem or even the excuse not to change.

If you spend all your time dealing with the day to day issues and you don’t have enough time left over to spend thinking about the things that really make a difference to your own life, you can end up running in fight or flight mode and over time become depleted.

Where is the joy and passion in that?

We all deserve more than that!


This is all about getting present with your life and getting clear on what is and what isn’t working so that you can start to put your head above the parapet and think about where you want to go .


When we engage the body in our vision through the projection of things like bodily sensations, posture and our interaction with the environment we build a more compelling version of the reality we want to manifest. Our subconscious doesn’t know how to differentiate between reality and imagination and so through repetition new neural pathways are forged. Our internal map of reality starts to change and we respond to the world accordingly. In this way our external reality begins to align to our vision.


By being emotionally aligned to our vision we add energy to it. Even more important is that when we engage our emotions in creating our vision we get to enjoy the experience now as if it has already happened. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the journey?


When our vision is aligned to what fuels our spirit and makes us feel alive and connected then we are like magnets attracting people and resources effortlessly.

The Four Elements To Your Bold Next Step

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