As you journey through life you pick up tools, techniques,behaviours, mindsets and beliefs to help you navigate life’s challenges.

You learn to modify your voice , demeanour, actions to manipulate those around you to get what you want. You learn to modify what you want by what others want and by what society tells you that you should want.

You learn that you’re different and that that’s generally a bad thing.You might learn that you can suppress the feelings of being different by withdrawal or by losing yourself.For example you might have stood out and took centre stage as a child and you were shut down, perhaps by a parent, and you learned that speaking up or taking the limelight is selfish or bad.


As we grow up, we gradually realise that those strategies and behaviours may not get us to where we want to go.

A quick search on the internet will avail you of an overwhelming array of methods and techniques for helping you change your emotional and mental state. More now than ever before we have the need and the resources to develop ourselves.

It’s time to re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not, what fuels us and what drains us. It’s time to look at the behaviours and mindsets that we adopt day to day.

You are changing all the time as is your environment so your practices will probably adapt over time too. It is important to be able to ENGAGE and reflect on what’s working now.


I often use the Marshall Goldsmith quote .. ‘What got you here won’t get you there.’ in my leadership programmes to illustrate the evolutionary nature of our journeys. We’re hard-wired to grow. That means being open to trying new things and treading the fine line between being prepared to fail and feeling safe and secure.

It’s natural to feel fear the uncertainty that comes with change especially if you think YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY with what you have.

It requires courage to adopt a growth mindset. The courage to risk what you already have, the courage to stay true to your values and the courage to care a bit less about what others think.

For the Your Bold Next Step programme  I developed a process with four elements.. Its really a three stage process supported by a fourth element I call INSPIRE. 

INSPIRE is the element where you connect with the tools, techniques and practices that support you in the process.

Some of them are life long practices rooted in ancient tradition others are tools that can be used in the moment to deal with the challenges that life throws up.

Each of the first three elements of the Your Bold Next Step process have core exercises that can be repeated over and over helping you to build deeper awareness and free yourself from the unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs that hold you back.

The first element ENGAGE is all about building a strong base from which you can leap with confidence towards what you really want. It’s about getting a clearer map of your world. You shed light on the hidden areas of your life that may be blocking or draining you of your energy. It’s only by making the unconscious conscious that you can make the changes that will produce the results that you want.

The second of the elements is SHIFT and this is where the magic happens. I help you uncover and release your limiting beliefs, old  habits and energy drainers. Going through the exercises here will enable you to move forward with more energy and with greater confidence, because you’ll be unencumbered by unhelpful baggage that you no longer need.

The third ENVISION you engage your creative mind, your senses and emotions to create a compelling vision that creates a new story to empower you. You learn to tangibly record your dreams and desires in imagery so that more of your brain is engaged in the process.  Visualisation is a powerful tool in creating your reality.You also get clearer on your values and incorporate them in your vision so that they are aligned and your values are honoured.

Through this process combined with the tools and practices from INSPIRE you have the blueprint for consciously creating and evolving your life which leaves you feeling more joy, more clarity and a deeper level of confidence.